I hate it when people remove captions

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Pretty pretty girl


i kind of need this saddle pad and she is so gorgeous her build is amazing

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Our first eventing dressage test! AND my favorite flat photo of us ever.

MDHT, Loch Moy Farm, 10/16/11


Grazing selfies.

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9/17 Thrills and spills of today’s jump lesson

AMAZING jump school today. Finn was a little beast and was jumping beautifully. Warmed up over a grid with a canter pole, one stride to a cavaletti, one stride to an oxer. He was really straight and pretty good, maybe not quite as soft and easy to flex/shoulder in to the fences, but still really good. Then trainer added a skinny two strides after the oxer. He was great even with that added! Wiggled a touch especially when the oxer went up a few holes, but stayed really straight and jumped awesome! 

We did quite a few bending lines today, which progressively got a bit more sharp and required you to ride forward to a deeper distance at the first fence in order to get through the turn with accuracy to the second question. Finn did pretty well with the first line, twisted his body and fell out a bit, but came through his second time much better. 

The fences were “big” today. As in bigger than anything Finn’s been schooling over and at first when I saw my trainer wasn’t putting down the swedish oxer in the one stride I was like oh shit. Fortunately she had us go in over the swedish so if he got sticky in between he could get out easily over the vertical. He’s a bit funky in the one stride still so I don’t think he would have really been able to get out over that oxer very well yet. At one point he did do the one in a one and a chip but he cleared everything. I think the main reason we struggle with the one stride is the quality of the turn before and him bracing and losing his shoulder. When I can get him aligned, he jumps through much better. But he soared over the swedish which was cool despite the struggle to get to it! 

Soooooo here’s the part where I fall off. I honestly have no idea when the last time I fell was, I think it’s safe to say quite a few years. And I haven’t fallen off of him yet. The last bending line was the hardest, over another “big” oxer bending to the skinny log. I kind of wondered if Finn had ever jumped the skinny log before…I got my answer hahaha. We totally has a miss coming in at the oxer, he chipped and jumped and we landed in a mess, I tried to get it done but we turned to the log and it just wasn’t going to happen. I wasn’t on enough to guide him and since he hadn’t jumped before he didn’t really willing lock on and try. I almost stayed on, it was pretty damn epic. Every time he stopped moving I could almost get back up, but then when I had to lean on the rein to push myself back on he wouldn’t take it. So I waited for him to steady a touch and kind of rolled off onto my back. I was a bit nervous about how he would be and didn’t want to let go of the rein so he could take off, but was also afraid I’d accidentally pull him over to me. He was perfectly fine. He didn’t even get spooked by me falling and he just stood there as I pulled myself back up. I think he kept an eye on where I was and never put a foot near me. Very pleased with that knowing I can fall and not have to worry that he’s going to be a psycho. He really can be the calmest horse sometimes he’s bizarre.

Anyway popped back on and told trainer I don’t think we had done that yet and she was like oh well my bad. We schooled a few fences to make sure he wasn’t going to be sticky about them, and then schooled the log, he was a bit wobbly to it and over jumping but he jumped it first try. He really is not one to hold a grudge or be spooky after something happens at a fence which is great. Then we did the bending line a few times and got it done really well by our last one! 

It was super cool to jump solid 3’ courses since I don’t think he’s ever done courses at that height. Maybe a fence here or there but definitely not that. He was a rock star and it was so much fun. I also feel like i was able to keep the same ride this week that I had last week. Maybe not quite as easy and perfectly timed, and he was def a bit more locked in his jaw and neck in a few areas, especially on that short left turn to the last bending line, but I was still able to ask for what I needed and give before the fence and I think that give is what makes all the difference so he’s free to jump as he needs.

So happy with today. Tomorrow he’ll just do some chill hacking/trotting out back and have an easy day. He got ridden for an hour yesterday and jumped hard today so he deserves a chill ride! Might do two trot sets this weekend for conditioning because he was breathing fairly hard today. I do think his winter coat is just starting and I think he does some nervous breath holding but I want a fit horse!! 

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ugh, so in love with this photo!

Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games, Normandy, 2014.

Credit: Sindy Thomas


aka how to look normal in class but transform into an equestrian without changing clothes.
Black riding tights and paddock boots work as good basics.Tuck shirt in, add belt and chaps, and presto. Plus, you have options with the button down, depending on the weather.

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relief by bndsc411 on Flickr.

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Sept 16th flat and hack



Finn was awesome today. I did a few different things today, I rode him in the micklem again which I haven’t used since I didn’t like it for jumping. I also did not have a dressage whip for any of the ride which made a huge change!

I’m starting to think I may have to invest in the micklem for…

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seriously you’re going to promote yourself on my personal riding journals…?


Long quiet day at the barn. Riley had a really nice dressage school in a regulation arena and schooled figures, he was awesome. Ended his ride with a nice long hack then took out Arrow and did some trots and hills.
Its really starting to feel like the season is wrapping up, I can’t believe how far we have come. This morning I registered Arrow with the USEA and entered our first horse trial, I also entered Riley in one of the biggest events on the west coast and one I’ve been trying to go to for four years. What’s even better is I am also going Prelim. If you would have asked me in January where I think I would be in September I would have told you a very different story.
I appreciate you all sticking around I know I have been complaining and strung out recently, but I love what I do. It makes me who I am and I am greatful that everyday I get to wake up and do something I’m passionate about. This season has had its ups and downs but I can say without a doubt was the best season of my life. Time to wrap up show season 2014, 2015 has big shoes to fill.

this is so good to hear since a few weeks ago you were super freaked out about everything!!

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